Our Philosophy

If you were to ask our clients why they enjoy doing business with us, a typical response might be that they
like the way we take the time to address each individual question they have as if it was the most important
question in the world. We are a family business and would like you to join our extended family as well.

Shope Financial Planning, Inc provides a multitude of different financial services, however, our specialty is
in retirement and estate planning. When setting up investment plans for our clients, we strive to achieve
better than average investment returns through a well diversified and asset allocated investment plan,
educating our clients along the way, and providing a very high level of client satisfaction.


We spend countless hours researching investment products to suit your individual needs using state-of-the-art investment
tools to choose investment managers who perform consistently at above  average levels. These managers are then
assembled into an investment portfolio. Equities are broken down by asset class and can be enhanced with specific sector
funds. These portfolios are all tailored to each individual client based on their time horizon, risk tolerance, and objectives.

For many clients nearing retirement, we perform a comprehensive retirement planning analysis. This analysis considers the
amount of time until and in retirement, the amount of expected monthly expenditures, and the assets available to fund
retirement goals. It also includes assumed investment rates of return, inflation rates, and life expectancies. This analysis helps
to "paint a picture" of our client's financial future and allows them to visualize whether they can retire comfortably under the
current assumptions, or if they have to make some changes in order to have the lifestyle they wish for while in retirement.


We work with our clients to educate them on various investment philosophies. As a normal part of an initial meeting, we
determine the client’s needs, as well as, explaining the investment process. Some of the most important ideas that we
express are the importance of asset allocation and diversification. We also investigate the historic returns of stocks,
government bonds, and the effects of inflation on their investments.

We share information about mutual fund fee structures in relation to the different share classes to let you know what you are
paying and how we receive compensation.  In relation to investment advisory fees full disclosure is provided pertaining to
Shope Advisors Group RIA as well as common fee based practices of other fee based programs.  When relevant, we also
provide information about annuity pricing and stock and bond commissions.  By providing transparency in this area, we feel
that we are able to provide you with the best investment product based upon your needs.

Lastly, we feel it is important for the client to have an understanding of how their investments grow based on the effect of
compounding and exponential growth. All of these explanations help our clients to understand why their portfolios are
structured in a particular way and why that particular portfolio is right for them based on their needs, goals, risk tolerance, and
objectives.  An informed client is generally a happier client.


Client satisfaction is a very important part of our financial planning process. One of our goals is to provide our clients with the
best and most comprehensive financial planning experience anywhere. We take the time to give clear and straightforward
answers to questions, and to make sure our client's goals are on track to meet their long and short term needs. We feel
regular contact with our clients is paramount.  Our clients know we are still looking out for their interests and keeping an eye on
their investments.  

Whether it is over the phone or during a meeting, we generally discuss the outlook for the economy and whether the client has
recently experienced any life changing events (i.e. family education expenses, retirement, estate planning issues).  This allows
us to make sure that we can continue to meet your needs in the future.

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